Sunday, October 3, 2010


Love listening to Rootlight's AIM track.  It unconsciously aligns your head to the wisdom of the heart.  If you play it before bed, your dreams become deeply revealing. I learned that from Kelly Black when she did a seminar at THE JUICY NAAM.
 It is important to listen to messages like all day!  I usually have AIM  playing gently in the background wherever I am...even if no one can hear it, I KNOW that it keeps me on track.  So, while i listen to the sounds not regularly heard by the five senses, as well as the beautiful WIND CHIMES I have outside my door.... I am reminded that one of the best ways to be in a responsive state of mind, as opposed to a reactive state is  by just tuning in and  LISTENING...  Namaste.

As I send my words into the internet void of gray sky spreading into the horizon of nothingness.  I wait patiently for G-d...just like the psalms and the Yoga Sutra's tell us.     Namaste again!!  

In all due humility to the joy deep that we may all smile... just for today!!     Thanks again!!  

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