Monday, October 4, 2010


The concept of naming everything "the best" is a phenomenon designed to create readership and endear what you like to others.. .in the hopes that they will also like it. This is either designed as a selfless act of sharing, or a narcissistic tactic to recreate yourself and your interests in the world.  Is it really "THE BEST?"  Well, since all things are, in due respect, relative to the view point of the person stating it, and since all opinions are framework dependent,  "THE BEST"  is both a tool to create a community as well as a psychological need to recreate the self.  (No man is an island remember !!)

 Clearly, what seems best at one moment, can also change dramatically the next moment!  Time is  speeding up these days.....And the world we knew is also changing and has changed.  Case in point-
More technology, More sophisticated technology, and a world which is starting to resemble either the distant past or some complicated future ...generated totally by light and sound..

Having said that, I must admit to the BEST wind chimes --- GRACENOTES.  The sound glitters into the air and you imagine little dancing butterflies or the middle part of those flowers which are white, which you blow into the wind......  Namaste for now.........  

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