Tuesday, September 28, 2010


a HI AGAIN!!  So, I have been making this salt brine to drink called sole by this company called Krystal Salt, which I mentioned.  They published a book called THE MIRACLE OF KRYSTAL SALT, by Christian Opitz.  The brine is totally amazing.   According to Christain Opitz, the importance of increasing the prevalence of negative ions is not to be underemphasized.  Houseplants increase the negative ions in the house, as does Krystal Salt.  Natural salt increases the negative ions and is really beneficial for our health.  "The negative ions and balanced life force field of a salt mine regenerates the body, no matter what is wrong with it."  Therefore, ingesting natural salt, especially either krystal salt or Himalayan salt is extremely beneficial to our health.  'Modern physics has hypothesized and experimentally proven the existence of a non-material life force, which profoundly influences matter, including our bodies and food."
...In addition, "Only the understanding of life force will end contradiction in the field of nutrition and provide us with an understanding of what is truly health enhancing."  In essence, the brine increases our mineralization and dramatically effects us in positive ways within minutes of ingesting either the salt or the brine.   The brine is "the ultimate antioxidant," says Christian Opitz.  Within 15 minutes of taking the salt a person balances their entire meridian system.
Anyway,  the point is, that the brine and the salt is really really good for you.  However, the one drawback is this.  If you drink too much, you can retain water - which is exactly what happened to me this morning!!
So i woke up needing a drink of water and looking at my face and thinking "I cannot leave the house." .  My eyes were soo puffy!  Anyway, the point is that a SMALL amount of the brine is all you need!!
What I did for the puffiness:
I took a bath with this detox machine you put in either the bathtub or a small tub to soak just your feet - since it is really important to take care of your feet!  It is super important to attend to your feet because they hold you up and ground you to the earth...The detox machine I got from THE JUICY NAAM  and it is by Environ Health -  After that, I put on a few different face masks by "  Skin Ceuticals, Valmont, and Biologique Recherche( which I got from the RESUCE SPA in downtown Philly)...a really really great day spa and great facials.  Zsuzanna salon in Wayne Pa has also really great great facials and great body work!!  I got one of the face masks from Zsusanna -   the one from Skin Ceuticals.... Anyway, I massaged my face with this facial massage gadget called Skin Joy which I got from Paul at Herbal Products and Development.  (He also has good natural face creams and a wrinkle serum too....) After that,  I used this whole process of skin ionization which I got from Zsuzanna.  It is by a company called BIOTHERAPEUTIC.
While doing all of this, I had my ipod on and listened to my chanting from Naam Yoga.  After that, I had a  green drink and some white tea from Premium Steap.   So, that was my morning   ......
Face a lot less puffy now, but I did learnt the powerful lesson YET AGAIN  that "less is more."   And "When in doubt, don't...." And this is according to the woman I speak to who helps me with homeopathy.  Nux Vomica is a good remedy to detox also, by the way.   So, less salt brine is better than more, and when in doubt, take less of almost anything.  Moderation is the key.... I tell myself like everyday!!!  Wish me luck... as I wish you luck on your journey toward moderation and serenity...... Namaste.   xoxoxo

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