Monday, September 27, 2010


Okay.  If you are reading this, I want to thank you.   I thoroughly enjoy talking about what I love, but I ESPECIALLY love writing about what I love.!! And I really do love writing.. just for the sake of writing.. for the mere beauty of creating beautiful words and phrases on the page, and weaving them into a mosaic.    I must admit that i sometimes posture myself as JD Salinger, when he speaks through Holden. And I also posture myself as sometimes as Joyce in his portrait of the artist, the way he uses run on sentences and everything.   AND  the coolest thing of all is that I totally love an audience!  So thank you!!  Now to the ostensible subject of this post.

 We all know that a few years ago flax became the new olive oil, and then hemp became the new flax, and now 100% extra virgin coconut oil is the new hemp. And while coconut oil is good - as long as it is extra virgin ect - (which you can get from either  Zebra Organics or Paul from Herbal Products and Development, or even this really good one called Nature's Approved), one of best kinds of oil you can get is a balance of more than three.  Herbal Products and Development has a great one called Supreme 7 - which I mentioned a few blogs ago.  Randy at Zebra Organics can get you a blend of omega oils called ESSENTIAL BALANCE by Omega Nutrition.  And Premier Research labs has an oil blend EFA OIL BLEND - which says on the bottle that it is "Quantum- state, Life- Essential, Brain and Body Oil Blend." Most health food stores will also carry a good oil that is raw and extra virgin. You can go shopping i a store or go on the internet and look at either Glaser Farms in Florida or Living Tree in California (which also has good chocolate)
It is always good to ingest these oils in its natural uncooked state by either putting them on salad or putting them into the blender when you make a drink.(Smoothie is too much of a hackneyed word at this point)  If you put the oil on a salad, you can also add some lemon or braggs apple cider vinegar, and some himalayan salt or krystal salt for minerals. Also some spices such as thyme, basil, tumeric)  And if you have tangerine essence from WISDOM OF THE EARTH, you can add a dash on your salad.  A simple dressing is always the best though.  Remember that because if your preparation for anything starts to seem too hard, it is quickly least for me!!  If you want, you can add some crushed soaked and dehydrated walnuts, pecans, sunflower, or pumpkin seeds to the salad, or whole to a drink in the blender. You can also add a little bit of either cashews or almonds. The nuts and seeds help add good fats to your body...and complement the balance of what you eat...and aid in digestion  Anyway, those are  my thoughts on the best oils!    

Good books to start with:  Gabriel Cousens and David Wolfe are the first two.  They are both filled with information and have good recipes in them. Both Gabriel Cousens and David Wolfe are icons in the field of health, nutrition, and raw foods.  The books from Hippocrates Institute are also good to look at for recipes - HEALTHFUL CUISINE by Anna Maria Clement and Brian Clement's other books are relatively easy to follow. LIVING IN THE RAW by Rose Lee Calabro is a good cook book as well. Definately worth looking at are all the books by the Boutenko family. Wendy Rudel,  Mathew Kenney and the book called I AM GRATEFUL by Terces Engelhard with Orchid are also a good authors to peruse.. In addition I  like Alissa Cohen's book LIVING ON LIVE FOOD.   Anyway, I probably gave you more information than you wanted.  But if I had to start with one or two books they would be Gabriel Cousens , David Wolfe and Alissa Cohen.  If you see a recipe which looks too hard though, ignore it.     Make what is easy and what you love.  ALWAYS.    xoxoxo Namaste..... (Ani Phyo has good deserts in her book)    ..........    

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  1. I just love your writing Beth! It shines through, in the energy between your words, that you really do love it. And you've got some great insights for readers. I look forward to more. Thank you for the mention of our coconut oil and the other oils we carry.

    Randy Olsen -