Friday, September 24, 2010


I love this nano Vibe technology pendant.If you go on the website  you can learn more about the protective, as well as harmonious aspects of this pendant.  This nano vibe necklace works to not only protect your electromagnetic field, but also to afford a person's energy field to resonate with a harmonious vibration, similar to a musical frequency.  Nano vibe technology helps harmonize right and left brain well as lessen stress.  A really great website to check out is  There are many high vibe products on this website, including a really cool machine called the VIBE MACHINE.  An enzyme therapist in Santa Cruz at Lumina light works has this vibe machine.  And if  you are interested, you can get in touch with her and try this machine.  It is quantum and vibrational healing.
Another pendant for those who want to protect themselves from environmental forces is the Bioelectric shield.  This pendant is immediately activated when you put it on.  The shield has crystals in it and works to relax the brain at the "sub-cortical" level.  The bioelectric shield has many health enhancing effects, and the company has other products which help to increase health and to magnetize positive frequencies.

These two shields are meant to protect, enhance and increase light in a person's aura.  They are only tools however to assist us in achieving an evolved consciousness, which can also be achieved by chanting and connecting with light and our spirit guides.  Quantum tools should never replace the simplicity of prayer and mantra.    The best protection is getting in touch with yourself.   Namaste.......

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