Thursday, September 23, 2010


This is my very first blog EVER in the world of internet ethers...the realm of endless information. I imagine myself going backwards in time..   life lived in slow motion from the end to the beginning. Like the short story by Tolstoy or the movie MOMENTO.  It is only fitting, therefore, that I start at night..before bed ....when the moon shines bright..before the sun..

THE BEST TEA..the tea I am drinking as we speak is a jasmine oolong from China.  I get it from a place in downtown Philly called PREMIUM STEAP.  PREMIUM STEAP has so many interesting teas.  Magnolia oolong is also really good, and so are the white teas - like silver needle and jasmine silver needle.  For those who like black tea. and black tea with can get black coconut.  There are a million teas to choose from....And having tried pretty much every tea, (well, not really!..but close to it) I have hit upon these favorites. which I drink all day and before bed..and honestly, i think it is THE best tea!!    Namaste.....


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  2. This is so great that you're doing this!! I'm excited to keep reading!

  3. yes you can order premium steap on line. go on the website

  4. you can google for the tea. It is in PHILADELPHIA. YOU CAN ALSO CALL. THE PHONE NUMBER IS 215 - 568 2920.

  5. good luck well done i love the black coconut
    marcy m