Monday, September 27, 2010


The first every live 26 hour Naam marathan was a shower of light, love, and wisdom!   All who participated and watched via the computer were literally zapped and blessed with the divine wisdom ---   The webcast was a testimony to the power of Naam in both it's wordless wisdom and in the pure practical aspects of our joint lineage. It was also a celebration of technology, progress, and sheer knowledge.  Whether sitting and chanting, doing the mudras, listening while you made dinner, or drove to work - those in this egregore of light were all part of this "thing" which is so much greater than the power of one. The mirror that we witnessed is simple:  We are all one soul on one journey.  This message was beautifully drawn out for 26 a beautiful painting set to music.  The great thing about Naam is that it's simple, it works, and  it is rooted deep in the earth----just as it sprouts upwards to heaven and flowers into the lotus of truth.   

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