Thursday, September 30, 2010

The best hydration capsules

Okay    (Hi again).  So megahydrate by patrick flanagan which i already mentioned.  Also H MINUS by Vision.... an ionic cellular hydration   which is "active hydrogen negative ions"  It is nano clustered..
You can and should get these products from THE JUICY NAAM...

So.. drink water and read THE SECRET MESSAGES IN WATER.  If you think good thoughts about either the water you drink or anyone you are speaking to...they become the positive picture you are thinking.  So, everyday, before i drink my salt brine, i put a word on the jar such as gratitude, love, guidance, wisdom, ..... ect.     And you can also watch the movie called THE SECRET which is a book by Ronda Byrne - about the law of attraction.  Anyway, the point is that water is important...and you should feed your water with love....and  drink down the water in order to reflect and mirror those good feelings to other people.  xoxox ...(not that i am preaching or anything.....)
     xoxoxo namaste   (again)

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  1. I'm so glad to see that you're still blogging! Are you suggesting putting hydration capsules in water? As in dissolving them in the water? And taking them at the same time?

    Keep writing!