Friday, September 24, 2010

The Best Morning Smoothie

This is the best drink to reach a high think with clarity and move with ease and grace throughout the day.  After you do your morning rituals - meditation, chanting, walking, whatever you make this smoothie.  I got the bulk of the idea from my friend who owns the Juicy Naam in East Hampton and Sag Harbor.    Start with coconut water as a base from a company called EXOTIC SUPERFOODS.  They import the coconut water from THailand.  You can also get their coconut meat.  Then, from a company called Herbal Products and Development based in Santa Cruz - I add the following - i vary the ingredients depending upon the day.   1 tsp maca, 1 tsp rice toco's, 1 tsp mesquite, 1 tsp chicory, 1 and a half tsp of Pauls's Supremely Green powder, 1 tsp of bee propolis from a company called Immortality Alchemy.  And then i go back to Herbal Products and Development great great oil called Supreme 7 - an oil made from flax, sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, borage, hemp, and poppy oil.  And then i use products by Ascended Health, which my friend from THE JUICY NAAM told me about - the products from Ascended Health i use are:  a super charged green marine phytoplankton and a product called ecstatic rejuvation powder.  Most of this recipe came from Guilliana.  I also add deer antler.  And an enzyme I got from Paul called Andy's energy enzyme blend.   To top it off, i add a tsp or less of krysal salt sole, some peppermint essence, and some brain drops I got from Herbal products and development.  I also add barley green powder.   Anyway, the proportions and ingredients vary.. but honestly it is the best drink I have ever had.. The coconut oil is also amazing to add.....If I forgot anything i will add it later.  Most of the essences i use to add to my food such as tangerine or peppermint i get from WISDOM OF THE EARTH.       Namaste......

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  1. Hi Beth! Great info, inyterested on coconut milk. Do i need to buy the specific brand you listed, or does any work? Great Work!!